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Tolerating Mistakes

Are you perfect yet? If not, you’ll be interested to learn the value of making – and tolerating – mistakes. You see, one of the biggest mistakes we make is thinking that we shouldn’t be making mistakes. Of course we should, because we all do. You can’t avoid making them. We’re human, and mistakes are …

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Take Yourself in Hand

In the midst of generating maximum productivity and success, as you probably are, you generally face an onslaught of vexing problems and marvelous opportunities, as well as exacting requirements and appealing options. Your days, and possibly nights, are chock full of tasks, projects, and goals that come streaming at you as though from a fire …

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Managing Expectations

Managing your expectations is important, primarily because the extent to which your work and your life match your expectations greatly influences your mood, your attitude, and your feelings of satisfaction and success. Experience shows that managing your expectations also impacts the objective reality of your work and your life. It’ll all become clear to you …

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Communicate More Productively

Communication is central to our efforts toward productivity and success. But few of us communicate as productively as we could. One reason is that too much communication is haphazard, misdirected, poorly constructed, or intentionally outright manipulative. Productive communication, on the other hand, aims to understand other people, help them understand us, and get people’s priorities …

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