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Take Aim at What You Really Want

Look around in your present life and work. Do you know what accomplishments would make today satisfying for you? If you do, then in the most important sense you know where you are heading. You may or may not achieve the accomplishments you have in mind, but at least you are in position to try. By learning to take precise aim at what you want, you give yourself a solid basis for choosing what to do next. Your accomplishments and feelings of satisfaction will be under your personal control.

Do the Most in the Least Time

In this book, time saving techniques are a vital part of the entire process of organizing your work and your life. It's not enough merely to state some meaningful goals and possibly even plan how to get there. You must also enter the arena of real time / real life action. Here is where you put theory and principle into practice. Here is where you convert all your plans, hopes, and dreams into "put up or shut up" performance. And here, if your actions are not fast, smooth, and directly to the point, you are in very, very big trouble. This book guides you through all these complexities and helps your actions most effectively support your plans and goals.

Master My Proven Productivity Techniques and Achieve the Balance You Seek

We live in a world full of opportunities. But if an opportunity does not help us accomplish one of our goals, it's really a distraction. This book offers an encyclopedia of productivity techniques that will help you limit distractions and supercharge your productivity. You will acquire the skills and techniques to accomplish far more than you do now in an hour, a day, a week, a year. These surprising techniques will help you take charge of your work and your life with far greater proficiency than you may think is possible. The result will be a wonderful balance between your work and your life, a satisfying mix of accomplishment and personal growth, a focus on both achievement and personal relationships that will last you for the rest of your life.

Analyze How Well You Use Your Time and Energy

Study after study shows that most people do not know where the bulk of their efforts are aimed. Nor do they recognize how little time and effort they are actually directing toward the goals and accomplishments they feel are most important to them. This book will change all that for you. After you experience the readings and the exercises, you will gain the power to establish goals you care about and then direct a huge proportion of your effort toward accomplishing them. Stop living as randomly as you do and read this book to transform yourself into a laser-directed goal-seeking missile.

Make "Basic Choices" Smarter and Better

What should you do next? You make this "Basic Choice" dozens, perhaps hundreds of times every day. If you continue to make these "Basic Choices" the same way you have been making them, you can expect no great improvement in your satisfaction or accomplishments. If, however, you learn to make them smarter, with better organization, you can begin to direct your work and your life into more productive, more satisfying channels of action. To help you, I have designed a series of personal experiences to shape and guide your thinking about the range of "Basic Choices" available to you. This book will be your roadmap to a better, more satisfying life.

Learn to Select Your Most Useful Course of Action

Most people recognize only the tangible utility of an action – the immediate results you get directly from what you do. But true effectiveness can often result from actions you take to produce long-term rather than immediate results. In general, there are four guidelines by which you can measure the utility of your actions. This book lays out these guidelines in easy to understand and practical terms, so you can begin to judge quickly and accurately how well a particular action you're considering will support your true goals and bring you closer to realizing them.

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What readers are saying...

I really got a lot out of this book. It’s a great read, very clear and concise but most importantly what I liked about it best was that I applied some of his principles and in a week I saved myself a couple hours of extra time to do few other things I’ve been ignoring. Thank you Mr. Moskowitz
Amazon Customer
Amazon 5 Stars

This book has the expected material on organizing yourself, your home, and your office, that you'd find in any number of books. But it also has an extremely valuable and specific chapter on how to set goals for yourself. It does not define WHAT goals you should set, but describes a useful process for setting up goals and breaking them into steps to help you make a plan for reaching them. The goals chapter alone is worth the price of the book.
M. Broderick
M. Broderick
Oklahoma City OK
This is a great book! It helped me get more organized and allowed me to be far more productive than I was before. I recommend it to anyone who feels like they could or should be getting more done than they are currently. I particularly liked the part about the 'Basic Choice.' Very smart!
Alan Lish
Amazon 5 Stars

When purchasing a book on getting organized, you must first find out what your goals are and what is it your really want out of life and business. You need help figuring out what your priorities are; this book helps you do that. When I bought the book I was trying to decide what to do with my life and this book helped me figure it out. It was the reason I finished college a semester ahead of schedule and helped me open my own office a year later. The detailed section on goal setting is invaluable. I totally recommend this book for anyone who is looking to prioritize and organize their work and their life in-order to achieve their goals and dreams.
Audrey DeJesus
Audrey DeJesus
Love Robert's writing style! A solid read - for any life-long learner.
William Nozak
Amazon 5 Stars

Moskowitz has written an excellent title on different ways to eliminate the unnecessary clutter and techniques that rob us of precious time: 1. How to best use your garbage can (didn't they tell us the computer age was suppose to eliminate paperwork?!). 2. How to arrange the items in your office. 3. Getting control of your telephone. 4. Confirm appointments to save time. 5. A different plan for the homemaker or professional. 6. How to avoid unwanted meetings. 7. 5 easy ways to say no. Now that I've saved you time by writing a short review, go get the book and read to find out how you can save more time! Highly recommended!
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor
Indian Trail NC
Love it! This is such great advice. I love this sentence: 'Recognize that failure is at most only partially your fault.' - so true and something people tend to forget.
Michele Meek, PhD
Michele Meek, PhD
How to Organize Your Work and Your Life clearly accepts that without enjoying what you do (or some other strong motivation) everything's a chore. So, the first chapter gets going right away with clever ways of asking you to search for answers to Difficult Questions about what you really want to do in life. Then the author takes you through activities to determine the steps needed to make Big Dreams become Happy Accomplishments. You will really feel energized after reading this book, and more calm. Calm because you have more knowledge about yourself, and calm because you will have more acceptance of uncomfortable truths about productivity and priorities and how time is finite.
Joanna Ketchkemet
Joanna Ketchkemet
Urbana IL
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A word from the author

Since first published in 1981 and revised in 1992, How to Organize Your Work & Your Life has been very well received year after year. But life in the modern world has a way of changing rapidly, and so it became time to update, expand, and revise the book that for so many years has been helping people get the most from their work and their life.

As we struggle to cope with an onrushing 21st Century, the goal this time around, as always, was to meet the changing demands and lifestyles of America and the world.

With people facing changes and pressures that were literally inconceivable when I first wrote this book, I found myself eager to go through the material and find the places where I could update, expand, and revise the ideas, information, techniques, and strategies so as to make the book as valuable in years to come as it has already proven itself in years past.

I hope you not only get some valuable benefits from your exposure to this material, but that you also enjoy the experience.

How to Organize Your Work & Your Life
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