Get Ready For a More Effective, More Satisfying, More Productive Career and Life

Make Your “Basic Choice” the Smart Way

What should you do next? You make this “Basic Choice” dozens, perhaps hundreds of times every day. Make this Basic Choice as you have been doing, and you can expect no great improvement in your satisfaction or accomplishments. Learn to make it the smart way, and you can begin to direct your work and your life into more productive, more satisfying channels of action.

But in pursuing this comprehensive ideal, we are not automatons blindly throwing our available energies into the most practical project available. Rather, we are holistic human beings who cultivate both short term and long term values with a balanced program of activities that serve all our needs. We want to develop new goals as well as attain our current ones.

In all you do, stay aware of your total human self. You are not merely a producer, not merely a consumer, not merely an achiever or a worker. You must learn to achieve what you want not only to accumulate wealth and power, but to earn greater satisfaction and leave a better world for those who follow.

It takes practice to learn to make these Basic Choices and to reach all your goals most effectively. Starting now, and continuing well after you finish reading this book, I want you to practice, evaluate, and attempt to control your efforts, your achievements, and your results. To help you, I have designed a personal experience to guide your thinking about the range of Choices available to you.

Take Aim at What You Really Want

Look around in your present life and work. Do you know what accomplishments would make today satisfying for you? If you do, then in the most important sense you know where you are heading. You may or may not achieve the accomplishments you have in mind, but at least you are in position to try. By learning to take precise aim at what you want, you give yourself a solid basis for choosing what to do next. Your accomplishments and feelings of satisfaction will be under your personal control.

Do the Most in the Least Time

In this book, time saving techniques are a vital part of the entire process of organizing your work and your life. It’s not enough merely to state some meaningful goals and possibly even plan how to get there. You must also enter the arena of real time / real life action. Here is where you put theory and principle into practice. Here is where you convert all your plans, hopes, and dreams into “put up or shut up” performance. And here, if your actions are not fast, smooth, and directly to the point, you are in very, very big trouble. This book guides you through all these complexities and helps your actions most effectively support your plans and goals.

Master My Proven Productivity Techniques

We live in a world full of opportunities. But if an opportunity does not help us accomplish one of our goals, it’s really a distraction. This book offers an encyclopedia of productivity techniques that will help you limit distractions and supercharge your productivity. You will acquire the skills and techniques to accomplish far more than you do now in an hour, a day, a week, a year. These surprising techniques will help you take charge of your work and your life with far greater proficiency than you may think is possible.

Analyze How Well You Make the Best Use of Your Time

Study after study shows that most people do not know where the bulk of their efforts are aimed. Nor do they recognize how little time and effort they are actually directing toward the goals and accomplishments they feel are most important to them. This book will change all that for you. After you experience the readings and the exercises, you will gain the power to establish goals you care about and then direct a huge proportion of your effort toward accomplishing them. Stop living as randomly as you do and read this book to transform yourself into a laser-directed goal-seeking missile.

Learn to Select Your Most Useful Course of Action

Most people recognize only the tangible utility of an action – the immediate results you get directly from what you do. But true effectiveness can often result from actions you take to produce long-term rather than immediate results. In general, there are four guidelines by which you can measure the utility of your actions. This book lays out these guidelines in easy to understand and practical terms, so you can begin to judge quickly and accurately how well a particular action you’re considering will support your true goals and bring you closer to realizing them.

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