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In Praise of Technique

I don’t know how often I’ve heard descriptions of athletic excellence along the lines of: “Great footwork.” “A perfect swing.” “Beautiful arm position.” These are ways of praising the specific techniques in use by the individual whose work is on display. Technique may seem merely mechanical, and it’s true you can’t achieve real excellence in

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Strengthen Your Drive

To some people, the whole idea of “willpower” is vastly overrated. Some believe there’s no such thing as “free will.” I’ve also heard arguments that willpower can do little to defend against the habits, incentives, enticements, and motivations that are inescapable parts of our work and our life. In my own experience, however, proper cultivation

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The Benefits of Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty

For most of us, feeling uncertain about situations, events, and possibilities creates a lot of stress. This is unfortunate, because we live in an inherently uncertain world. Like it or not, we simply can’t be sure about most of the details we’re going to encounter in our continually unfolding future. This stress resulting from uncertainty

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Think Better by Talking Out Loud (Even to Yourself)

Most of us are familiar with the process of inwardly talking to ourselves. We do it silently, sometimes in abbreviated words, phrases, or our own personal codes. This “inner talk” has been shown to help us understand situations, solve problems, and generate new ideas. But “inner talk” is often far less useful than what might

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