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Weekly Prep and Clean-Up

If you’ve ever toiled in a workshop – or watched someone else do it – you know the many benefits that come with keeping an orderly workplace: neat and clean, with everyday tools arranged for easy access. The relatively small effort required to prepare for your bread-and-butter activities greatly facilitates productivity and success whether you’re …

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Defeat Your Stress Selectively

Stress is a killer. It’s a normal psychological and physiological reaction to difficulties, of course, that can be motivational and beneficial. But too much stress, enduring for too long a time, can produce headaches, pain, fatigue, mood swings, mental fogginess, sleep problems, even a weakened immune system, and worse. That’s why it’s important to understand …

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Your Overconfidence Is Hurting Your Productivity

You’re far from perfect. Unless you are clinically “narcissistic,” you probably recognize this and easily admit it. But you may not realize that overconfidence may be your most damaging fault of all. Overconfidence is sneaky, first because nearly everyone has some of it – yes, even those who suffer from low self-esteem and imposter syndrome. …

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Your Productivity Varies – Here’s Why

Even before I was first introduced to the idea of Biorythms, I recognized that my level of skills, intelligence, perception, and even physical strength would vary from day to day, sometimes from moment to moment. This awareness, now actively studied by scientists, makes it clear that our ability to function – and particularly to function …

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Signposts of Growth

I remember when I watched a young couple in a San Francisco park enjoy their two-year-old daughter’s ability to climb up a couple of stairs and throw herself down a three-foot-long metal slide, over and over again. Back at my hotel room, I felt that same level of enjoyment as my then-25-year-old son described a …

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