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Easy Pathways Toward Confidence

In many ways, confidence is the name of the game. It’s a key element in both productivity and success, because feeling confident allows for relaxation and poise, both of which support high-level performance. What’s more, confidence is itself powerful, particularly because it heavily impacts others, both positively and negatively. Confidence has a positive impact not …

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Weathering Change

The one constant in this world is change. Yet many people are uncomfortable when the familiar becomes unfamiliar, when the known becomes uncertain, when the old rules no longer apply. Get used to it: change is coming, probably faster and then even faster over the coming years. It’s just not smart to stick your head …

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Upgrade Your Professionalism

Whether you’re digging ditches or building rockets to space, there’s always room to upgrade your professionalism. When you do, you’ll gain more respect, wield more influence among your peers, and earn more opportunities to increase your productivity and success. The road to increased professionalism in your chosen field of endeavor is neither short nor easy, …

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The Perfect Enemy

While many people think the pursuit of perfection is something wonderful, and heartily to be desired, in actuality the notion of perfection carries with it negative complications that can lead to significant reductions in both productivity and success. Two Faces of Perfectionism The problems with perfectionism generally result from confusing the desire to improve with …

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