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Talk More Productively

“Talking,” says the bad guy, Casper Guttman in the classic film “The Maltese Falcon, “is something you can’t do judiciously unless you keep in practice.” But practice alone is not enough. Your practice must center around effective approaches that will help you navigate the many minefields of human interaction and get more of what you

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The Mindset to Prepare

As I’ve written previously, “the mindset to prepare for dire circumstances pays off in many ways, because adequate preparation allows you to acquire helpful resources, practice important skills, develop useful plans, and feel more comfortable responding to the upcoming situation.” A lot of people wrote in to ask me to expand on the “mindset to

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Temper Your Passion

One of my problems with the whole “Hollywood Syndrome” is the celebrities’ blatant promotion of the “follow your passion” concept. “Follow your passion” sounds inspiring, but it’s likely to lead you along a path that’s overcrowded with others following the same passion. Obviously, you can expect intense competition to make progress along this path, and

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