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You Don’t Think as Well as You Think You Do – Part 2

In a previous post, I explained that not only the Dunning-Kruger Effect, but a variety of cognitive biases keep you from thinking as well as you think you do. As I explained there, many of these biases are downright interesting. However, all of them hack away at your ability to engage with various situations and limit the chances …

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Money Isn’t Everything

I know this series is about productivity and success, and both of those underlie the perfectly understandable and broadly popular effort to increase income. But the truth is that money isn’t everything. There’s health and happiness. Morals and values are extremely important. Relationships are critical to life satisfaction. And many of us are driven – …

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Less Obvious Productivity Techniques

I’m guilty of it, too: focusing on tried-and-true productivity techniques that surprise no one and reflect a fair degree of common sense. But in group settings – teams, partnerships, cooperative relationships, even temporary collaborations – there are some helpful productivity techniques that are a little less obvious. Here are a few of them: Raise “Special” …

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