November 2022

A Path to the Top

As a productive and successful person, there’s a good chance your career will accelerate and you’ll have opportunities to take on more responsibility and authority. If that’s the way you want to go, here are some suggestions on useful ways to speed your progress in that direction: (Note: I’m calling this piece “A Path” instead

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Help Yourself and Others Through Coaching

A key method for improving productivity and success is working better with others. In this context, “better” includes: 1) getting along with others more smoothly and 2) receiving more help from the people with whom you work. In this discussion, we’ll focus on #2. You probably already recognize that you can’t adequately accomplish certain goals

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Set 102% Goals

We all recognize that goals can be motivating. And if you look a little deeper, you will also realize that the wrong goals can be demotivating. So the key to boosting your productivity and success is not just to set goals, but to set goals that motivate and draw out a new “personal best” performance.

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Some Useful Questions

Lately I’ve been exposed to some situations that involve asking myself deep questions and wrestling with the answers, the better to discover my innermost motivations and opportunities for personal improvement. I won’t burden you with that long list of questions, but I will offer the following short list of questions you can answer as a

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