Some Useful Questions

Lately I’ve been exposed to some situations that involve asking myself deep questions and wrestling with the answers, the better to discover my innermost motivations and opportunities for personal improvement.

I won’t burden you with that long list of questions, but I will offer the following short list of questions you can answer as a way of keeping yourself on track toward long-term productivity and success.

Ask yourself:

  1. How happy am I in my everyday life? What reasonable changes could I make to be happier?
  2. What am I most grateful for? What could I be more grateful for?
  3. How much do I enjoy my work? What changes could I make to enjoy it more?
  4. What do I find meaningful in my work and my life? Can I increase this source of satisfaction?
  5. What do I need to know more about? How can I learn it?
  6. What additional skills and abilities would be beneficial? How can I acquire them?
  7. What is my plan for the future? Can I improve the plan? How much effort do I put into working this plan? What more can I reasonably do?
  8. What are my biggest problems? Where can I look for solutions? How can I implement them?
  9. What are my biggest opportunities? How can I capitalize on one or more of them?
  10. Who are the people in my work and my life I feel closest to? Can I get closer to them? How?
  11. Who are the people in my work and my life who drag me down? Can I get farther away from them? How?
  12. What are my top priorities right now? What am I doing to complete them? What more could I reasonably do?
  13. What are my lowest priorities right now? Can I fully or partially eliminate them from my schedule without incurring unreasonable penalties?
  14. What important tasks, projects, or goals am I putting off? Why?
  15. What relatively unimportant tasks, projects, or goals am I giving too much time and effort? Why?  
  16. Are there any other questions I should be asking myself?

I’m not saying these are the best questions, or the only questions you can ask yourself. I’m simply advising that asking these or other relevant questions aimed at your inner attitudes, feelings, motivations, and relationships can help develop a directional arrow that leads you toward higher levels of productivity and success.

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