Welcome Back to the Struggle

Since first published in 1981, How to Organize Your Work and Your Life has been very well received year after year. But life in the modern world has a way of changing rapidly, and the book originally written at the beginning of the 1980’s to help people get the most from life can benefit once again from updates, expansions, and revisions.

The goal this time around, as always, is to meet the changing demands and lifestyles of America and the world as we try to cope with an onrushing 21st Century. Already we are facing changes and pressures that were literally inconceivable when I first wrote this book. Looking ahead, it’s easy to see the promise of future developments that are certainly going to prove even more challenging.

So while it would be easier and cheaper for me to do nothing and let the book continue to float along on its merits, I’m feeling eager to go through the material and find the places where I can update, expand, and revise the ideas, information, techniques, and strategies so as to make the book as valuable in years to come as it has already proven itself in years past.

Revisions for the 21st Century

This blog is going to be the first line of offense in my effort to bring How to Organize Your Work and Your Life fully into the 21st Century.

I intend to work through the book, page by page, item by item, improving it as I go, and posting some or all of those improvements here in this blog.

Whether you have already found and enjoyed the book, or are just now coming to it fresh, I encourage you to subscribe to this blog as the best way not only to organize, but to improve and gain more enjoyment, achievement, and success from both your work and your life.

I will write more soon.

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