Are you Ready to Interview?

Comprehensive Guide to Successful Job Interviews

I want to share with you some information that nearly everyone I’ve shown it to has immediately wanted to buy and put to use.

It gives you a terrific chance to better control your economic future.

This information is important to you now, as well as in the future, because the Covid-19 economic shut-down has changed the economy. Right now, there’s more competition than ever for jobs that are scarcer than ever. And when it’s over, the economy is going to rebound … big time. Companies, large and small, will see demand go through the roof, and they’ll need to hire faster than ever before. And that means they’ll start interviewing.

The problem is, with so many people out of work, there already are lots and lots of highly qualified — and even over-qualified — people interviewing for every position. And there will be even more of them looking for jobs after the rebound begins.

For you to get offered the job you want you’ll need every edge you can get. And my Comprehensive Guide to Success in Job Interviews is probably the most important edge available.

Unless you’re fixed (financially) for life and you’ve decided never to work again, you’re in luck. Why? Because I’ve worked hard to collect a ton of information on interviewing successfully for a new job or other working situations, and offer it to you on a special promotional deal.

I know you need this information because you’re interested in enhancing your own success (thru organizing your work and life). Part of success for most people is getting a good job. And part of getting a good job is interviewing effectively. Of course, interviewing isn’t really a big part of “organizing” for success, but it’s still important, and I want you to be great at it. So I’m offering this material IN ADDITION TO the main load of useful, unique, powerful material I’m offering in the blog and the book.

Even better, I’m offering it for a huge discount from the publisher’s preferred price of $10.00: during this special promotion you can receive all this great information for just $1.99. You get:

  • Types of Job Interviews You’re Likely to Encounter, and How to Handle Them
  • Types of Job Interviewers and How to Impress Them
  • The # 1 Secret Agenda You Need to Bring with You to Every Interview
  • What Role You Must Play in Every Interview to Make It Come Out the Way You Want

and much more.

This is a limited offer. I’m going to sell only 1,000 of these. After that, I’m closing down the printer and shutting off the spigot to this valuable information, no matter what the publisher wants me to do.

Why? For the same reason that too much information about “how to bet the horses” or “how to win at poker” or “how to play the stock market successfully” queers the deal for those who know. Special information like this works only when barely a few people know it. As soon as it leaks out into the crowd, you can kiss goodbye the special advantage it gives you.

Perhaps you don’t need this information. Perhaps you have a great job you’re going to keep for the rest of your life. Perhaps you’re in business for yourself, or you work for a family business where you don’t have to give great interview in order to advance. Perhaps you’ve retired.

That’s all fine for those who are in those situations.

But if you’re like most people, you’ll sooner or later find yourself competing with a zillion qualified applicants for the next great position that you’re hungering after. You can go in like one of the crowd, and hope you get picked.

Or… you can get this special information and give yourself remarkable interviewing advantages that will put you at the top of the list.

Your choice!

You can act now, and be one of the 1000 armed with this great information, or you can trust your economic future to luck, and hope that you’ll be able to advance your career in years to come as far and as fast as you hope you will.

Don’t miss this quick, easy, practically no-cost opportunity to advance to the front of the job-seeking line.

And if you have a family member, friend, or colleague you want to help, share this information with them while you still can.

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