February 2023

Communicate More Productively

Communication is central to our efforts toward productivity and success. But few of us communicate as productively as we could. One reason is that too much communication is haphazard, misdirected, poorly constructed, or intentionally outright manipulative. Productive communication, on the other hand, aims to understand other people, help them understand us, and get people’s priorities

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Strive for High Quality

There are several reasons to keep your focus on delivering high-quality results. These include: But none of this suggests that producing high-quality work is easy. Quality improvements usually require an intense focus on expertise, technique, and detail. Unfortunately, some people don’t enjoy or don’t value these requirements. Nevertheless, if you want to strengthen the quality

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Instead of Advice

Too much advice is misleading. It’s too often based on incomplete information, incorrect assumptions, or irrelevant experience. Even if it’s helpful, on another level it can make the receiver feel less confident and more dependent on the advice giver. Whether you give it or get it, advice is too often much less worthwhile than you

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Hard Skills Pay Off

Increasing your level of productivity and success obviously depends to a great degree on your drive, as well as your native level of aptitude, talent, and energy. But there’s another important component that will help determine how high you can rise in any organization or endeavor: your hard skills. The plain fact is that, to

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