January 2023

Even More Characteristics of Good Leaders

I’ve written several times before, including here and here, about leadership: what it involves and how to improve as a leader. I’ve acknowledged that people can certainly be highly productive and successful without a full portfolio of leadership qualities, and I’ve also asserted that many effective leaders are not born, but self-made through study, effort, […]

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Process Over Product

One big mistake that people sometimes make is to confuse the quality and satisfaction of their results with the processes, procedures, and efforts they’re using to generate those results. I remember a pre-season time when the Los Angeles Dodgers were widely expected to perform exceptionally well in the upcoming baseball season. Wouldn’t you know it?

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Sources of Stimulation

It’s an undeniable fact that growing older often means losing some of your capabilities. We generally recognize, however, that with hard work you can slow the loss of your physical attributes, such as strength, flexibility, and stamina. But what most people don’t realize is that the same is true of retaining your mental capabilities, particularly

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