February 2022

Fixing What Broke

If this were a perfect world, everything would go great all the time. But since it’s not, we all must regularly deal with breakage: things that go wrong with situations, events, material items, relationships, plans, opportunities, hopes, dreams, and more. They all unintentionally encounter and suffer from occasional adverse forces or developments. Since you can’t […]

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Bolster Your Courage

“It’s not easy being green,” was the oft-repeated phrase of Kermit the Frog. He complained about blending in so readily and not gaining appreciation for being special. He would have preferred to stand out more from the crowd. But while that sentiment made him popular with the toddlers of the day, the opposite is often

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Take a Strategy Break

Are you cognizant of the difference between tactics and strategy? Oh sure, you probably know the words: their dictionary definitions or maybe even specific examples. But are you consciously aware of when you’re actively pursuing a meaningful strategy for your own work and life and when, instead, you’re primarily responding to daily nuts-and-bolts issues that

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