Strive for High Quality

There are several reasons to keep your focus on delivering high-quality results. These include: High-quality work earns you a more respectable reputation, larger rewards, and greater freedom to do things your way. High-quality work rarely needs re-adjusting, revising, or reworking: once done,

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Thriving After Rejection

Dissatisfaction. Disappointment. Failure. Rejection. These are “facts of life” for people on Planet Earth. In fact, if you don’t experience some of these feelings, some of the time, you probably aren’t fully engaged in the exciting activities of living. So the goal

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The Power of Personal Rapport

As I’ve said many times, unless you’re a hermit you cannot prudently ignore the impact of other people on your productivity and success. That’s why you’re never done seeking out and maintaining strong relationships. A word that characterizes some of the strongest

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