September 2022

Four Elements of Successful Communication

I’ve written many times about communicating effectively, including here, here, and here. That’s all useful information which you may want to review. Now I’d like to take a different tack and talk about four key considerations that will help you improve your ability to communicate effectively, getting your messages across and reaching the agreements you …

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The Power of Yes

There’s a vast difference between the type of communication where people are trying to win or prove themselves right, and the type where people are trying to find the truth or the best way forward. Unfortunately, too much of our daily communication is of the former type. While the other person is talking, we’re too …

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The Power of Apology

There’s an undeniable and often overlooked power of apology that everyone can benefit from mastering. I’m not talking about unwarranted apologies that stem from a lack of confidence, such as apologies people offer, as I wrote, “when they’ve done nothing wrong, undercutting their own opinions and ideas with disclaimers, and offering excuses for what they …

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