November 2021

Make Your Days Better

It doesn’t matter whether you’re retired or still working, you still have to get through every day and face tomorrow. The simple fact is this: if those days feel good to you, you’ll have a better life than if they don’t. Fortunately, behavioral scientists have gained an in-depth understanding of what makes us feel good …

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Increase Your Productivity with “Five-Minute Tasks”

If you sat down to write an opera right now, that would be a daunting task. But if you dedicated five minutes a day to writing a few notes of an opera, the goal would be far less intimidating, and eventually you would complete it. That’s the beauty and power of “Five-Minute Tasks.” Five-Minute Tasks …

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The Power of Direction

There’s no question that skills, talents, and experiences are critically important to productivity and success. It’s equally true that resilience and determination are key ingredients separating top performers from the crowd. But there’s another part to the story: None of this matters very much if you lack personal, professional, and career direction. Simply put, direction …

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Stretch Your Productivity and Success

A lot of people offer advice about setting realistic goals, and I confess there’s a great deal of appeal to that strategy. After all, setting unrealistic goals self-evidently seems like an invitation to frustration and failure. But there’s another approach to goal-setting that has a unique kind of merit. It’s this: “If your goals don’t …

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The Mindset to Grow

In a crude and simple way, people can be divided into two groups: those who mostly believe their skills, talents, and abilities are largely maxed out, and those who believe they still have room for growth. This is important because having a fixed mindset severely limits your ability to learn new things and improve your …

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